90hp Tractor – TD 904 4×4 90hp 66 kW


Cab type Open cab
Generation 2
Drive 4×4
Platform Flat
Gearbox 8+8 Shuttle
Drive 4 Wheel drive
Differential Lock
PTO PTO 540 and 1000 RPM Spline
Cat 2 hitch with Position control (Draught control)
Tyres Radial tyres front and back
High capacity hydraulic flow with extended tank and minimum 2 multi-way pin valves
Registration Homologated for SA registration as special road vehicle unless otherwise specified with European standards for all lights, brakes, tyres, safety belts and other safety aspects.
Clutch Dry clutch with ceramic disk
Spare parts Includes spare parts for 1000 hours
Warranty Warranty 12 month on all items running in oil. 6 Months on electrical/ electronic parts. 24 Months on all other items
Engine Lovol Engine
Rated Engine Power 90/66.2
Type 4-Cylinder, diesel
Rated Engine Speed 2200
Fuel Tank Capacity 145
Dry Dual Clutch (Ceramic disk) 12
16F+8R Shuttle Shift Yes
Speed Range 16F+8R Shuttle shift: Forward(1.5-32.2)/Reverse(2.3-33.2)
Type Wet disc. Static hydraulic control
Parking Brake Independent hand brake
Type Combined Control on Force and Position, Floating Control
Hydraulic flow 33/41(Positive lifter)
Lift Capacity at Lift point Semi-seperated: >2500, Seperated: >4500
Lift Capacity at 610mm behind Hitch Points Semi-seperated: >1500, Seperated: >2000
Front tires – Standard 11.2-24
Front tires – Optional 12.4-24/13.6-24/12.4R24
Rear tires – Standard 16.9-34
Rear tires – Optional 18.4-30/18.4-34/13.6-38(paddy land tires)/18.4R30
ROPS Weights(kg) 3615
Optional items
Cabs with fan or aircon
Crawl gearboxes
PTO at 500RPM and 760RPM
Draught control or Auto depth(Float) control

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