Harvester Combine – TB504

175 Trailer Combine

Used with the TB504 Tractor

Photo of a Harvester with a
Harvester 175 Trailer Combine


Weight 1700kg
Grain Tank Capacity 1600kg
Track Width 2200-2800mm
Tyres 400/60/15.5″
Operating Speed 4-8km/h
PTO Speed 540rpm
Required Power 35-60kW
Width 2400mm
Length 5200mm
Height 3520mm
Harvesting Output +- 4 Ton/h

The 175 model trailed harvester is available with headers for harvesting maize, soya beans, sorghum and sunflower. The 175 combine has a unique intake and cleaning system. The main rotor with threshing beaters, enclosed by sieves, is angled to a specific degree to allow threshed crop to slide down and through the sieve to be collected in the holding hopper. The secondary rotor allows more threshing, to remove as much unwanted material as possible.