Planter – TB504

Mk11 90 Planter

Used with the TB504 Tractor

Photo of planter used on a tractor
Planter mk11 90 TB504
PART NUMBER MBP 75/90-2-0.9
Number of Rows 2
Total Working Width 900mm
Working Depth 25-100mm
Seed Hopper Capacity 2x25kg
Fertilizer Hopper 1x120kg
Markers No
Required Power 35kW

This is a 2 row mechanical planter with mechanical markers, coulter discs, and seed sewing units. The planter comes with a stainless steel fertilizer hopper whereby the planting is applied through a coulter disc system. The planter is mounted on the tractor’s universal three-point linkage system and can be used for precision seeding. Different types of seeds like maize/corn, sunflower, cotton, dry beans, soy bean and chickpea can be sewn.