Plough Torpedo Disc – TB504

Torpedo Disc Plough

Used with the TB504 Tractor

Photo of Plough Disk TB504
Torpedo Disc Plough
Specifications 2 DISC
Working Depth 200-300mm
Ground Clearance 700mm
Working Width 660mm
Space between discs 530mm
Diameter of Disc 530mm
Vertical Disc Adjustment 15″/18″/22″
Required Power 30kW
Weight 270kg

A pipe frame plough is manufactured from 152mmx1Omm round tubing. This model is a 2 Disc plough and mounted discs are 660mmx6mm diameter discs. These discs can be adjusted according to soil conditions by position and direction angle. Disc ploughs have rotational movement of the disc. Round frame disc ploughs are used for cultivation of stubble and raw lands.