Spare parts

Lovol Agri SA (a division in ABC Hansen Africa) service and retain spares parts for all Lovol tractors imported as from 2017 into South Africa.

These are models 354; 504 and 904 tractors for the time being.

We wish to inform all Foton owners with regards to Foton spares as follows:

Foton Tractors is no longer a brand in agriculture and corporate restructuring in China has placed the previous agriculture divison of Foton in an altogether different company called Lovol Heavy Industry Co Ltd grouped together with earthmoving equipment.

As a courtesy service to all Foton owners however, Lovol Agri SA, a division of ABC Hansen Africa, endeavours to supply spare parts on an as needed direct import basis from China. We stock a very limited amount of Foton spare parts.

We are making all service catalogues available on this website.

In order to identify a part number, the owner or service centre doing the repair should use the identification number on the tractor to track the correct parts catalogue and to identify the part(s) needed.

Lovol Agri SA shall only order the part as identified by the owner and shall not take any risk in this not being the correct part. There were many variations of the same model tractor imported by the previous agents so a 254 part may actually be one of seven variations.

No telephone enquiries will be entertained. All enquiries should be made by email and should accompany the part number, the tractor serial number, the tractor model number, the quantities of each part required, a full billing name and delivery address, email, landline and mobile number as per the spares enquiry form on this website.

We shall provide a quote normally within 48 hours – excluding weekends, South African and Chinese holidays and 16 December through 17 January.

Upon receipt of the quote, the amount should be deposited in the account specified referring to the quote number and an order should be placed, again referring to the quote number.

To save shipping cost, once a week or once a minimum of 20kg shipping weight has been collected in orders, an order would be placed on China and depending on their ability to supply the part, it would be shipped in the shortest possible time.

Heavy parts would be sea-freighted and may take from 2- 4 months to be delivered.



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